My Favorite Easy Recipes

When you are pressed for time, it can be pretty difficult to find enough minutes to put together a homemade meal. However, we all know how important it is for our health to eat as many times at home as possible, since the food served by eateries spread all over the place tends to be loaded with salt, sugar, fat and preservatives. For people who have little time on their hands, I am writing down two of my favorite easy recipes that my family and I absolutely love.


French omelet


French omelet is the type of recipe that takes under 15 minutes to make and it counts as a very filling, nutritious meal that you can make at home with minimum of ingredients. Everybody loves eggs as they are extremely tasty, while packing a lot of proteins. If you are cooking for one person, 2 eggs are enough, but if you need to cook for more people within a short time, add 2 eggs for each person. The good news is that the preparation and cooking take about the same, no matter how many people want to have omelet in the morning.


So, here is a short list of ingredients:

–        2 eggs per person at the table

–        A dab of butter

–        Salt

–        Pepper

–        Shredded cheese

–        Diced ham

–        A bit of water


Beat the eggs in a bowl, with the water, salt and pepper. Water serves to have a fluffier omelet and it is a good trick, from what I have tried. Place the butter on a heated pan and let it melt. Pour the beaten eggs over the butter and gently cover the entire pan, so that your omelet starts looking like a pancake. When you notice the top surface is no longer liquid, spread the cheese and ham on one half, then take the other half and cover the first one. Serve hot and enjoy!


Pasta with tomato sauce and sausages


Another tasty meal that you can put together really fast and is also one of my favorites is pasta with tomato sauce and sausages. As you can see, I am taking the easy way, since I do not combine pasta with any pretentious topping.


Here are the ingredients:

–        One pound of pasta (anything works)

–        Olive oil

–        4 sausages

–        A cup of diced tomatoes

–        One sliced onion

–        One crashed garlic

–        2 tablespoons of vinegar

–        Salt

–        Pepper

–        Grated Parmesan


Prepare the pasta as indicated on the package. Usually, you need to boil them in hot water with a bit of salt for several minutes. Take them out and drain them. On the side, prepare the sauce. Pour a few tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and add the onion and the garlic. Stir until they are soft, then add the sausages, sliced if you prefer, but it is not a requirement, and cook everything together for 5 minutes. After that, add the tomatoes, the vinegar, and salt and pepper to your liking. This would take about 8 minutes. At the end, pour the drained pasta and gently mix everything together. Serve with grated parmesan on top, for extra taste.