The First Thing You Should Consider Making at Home – Yogurt



Yogurt is an all praised food that everyone should eat every day. Grabbing some yogurt from the shelf at your local grocery store seems like the easiest way to make sure that you are eating enough yogurt day by day. This solution may be the easiest, but have you checked the label on what they are selling in stores today? Even yogurt, a type of food supposed to be healthy, is filled with preservatives and added sugar, just to make it tastier. Personally, I think that natural yogurt, without anything added in it, has a perfect taste, and nothing should be added. If you want to make sure the yogurt you eat is healthy and capable of providing all the benefits doctors are talking about, here is my solution: make your own yogurt at home.


Homemade yogurt is fresh

First things first, an important difference between homemade yogurt and the type you can get from the store is that the former doesn’t need any preservatives to prolong its shelf life. This means that you will get all the benefits of the fresh byproduct of lacto-fermentation, the process that transforms milk into yogurt. Lacto-fermentation is based on the action of live good bacteria that are essential for a healthy digestive system. Homemade yogurt is much richer in this type of bacteria, so it is much healthier.

Homemade yogurt is great for losing weight

In order to be kept in stores, commercial yogurt needs to be refrigerated, and this makes it less efficient in helping you lose weight, something that homemade yogurt does. Cold yogurt is heavier and more difficult to digest, hence the reduction of its health benefits. Homemade yogurt, on the other hand, that can be consumed as soon as it is ready, is much easier to digest, and it helps with your weight loss efforts in a much more efficient manner.


Homemade yogurt is richer in everything

The problem with store bought yogurt is that because of the long storage periods, its benefits are decreasing. As I mentioned a bit earlier, yogurt must be rich in live cultures of good bacteria, and these cannot live forever, no matter how packed with preservatives commercial yogurt is. Homemade yogurt is richer in all the important nutrients it contains, when compared to yogurt you can buy from the store. It is richer in calcium, as well as protein, potassium, folic acid, B vitamins and phosphorus. If you decide to go for a yogurt maker these become even easier.

Homemade yogurt is easier to digest and good for your stomach

It is much easier for your stomach to digest homemade yogurt, and this is something to consider. The flora developing continuously inside your stomach is essential for good digestion and for the good functioning of your entire body. It is not far-fetched to say that good health starts with a healthy stomach, and a healthy digestive system, which is why regular consumption of yogurt is highly recommended.

I personally enjoy homemade yogurt better than commercial yogurt because it is tastier, more filling, and, of course, healthier.