Why I enjoy working at a museum

I worked as a museum curator for many years and I simply loved it. I never once thought about switching professions and I looked forward to going to work everyday. Recently someone asked me why I enjoyed working at a museum, and I found it hard to answer the question. Not because I didn’t know why I loved my job, but because I simply didn’t know where to start. So if you’re reading my blog, here is why I enjoy working at a museum.



Always interesting


Never once did anyone hear me say that I was bored with my job. Since I’m pretty sure you’ve been to at least one museum in your life, you know how many exhibits there are. Even the smallest one room museum has more than one exhibit or artifact, and best of all once you have become familiar with each piece it is changed out for something new. Since I was the curator I also had access to the museum’s storage vaults so I could almost always find something new and interesting to look at.



Learn something new


I’m a firm believer that everyone should continue to learn something new, even after they have finally graduated from school. Working in a museum I was lucky enough to learn at least one new fact everyday, and I still try to continue this now that I’m retired. Maybe that is why I was so eager to help my wife with event planning and cooking. Another benefit to continuing to learn is that you’ll never run out of interesting things to talk about, and this will always come in handy.





You might think I’m crazy for saying that exercise was one of the reasons that I enjoyed working in a museum, but it does make sense if you think about it. As a curator I was responsible for every exhibit in the museum, and I had to know exactly where everything was all of the time. This meant that most of my day was spent walking up and down stairs and along corridors. My wife got my a step tracker one year, and I logged over two miles at work in one day.